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Use this form to send us a message, but please read these frequently asked questions and answers first as these questions will not be replied to:

Q: Do you not ship to the USA anymore?

Unfortunately not, there have been numerous problems with shipping to the US this year so we have suspended posting there for the time being. If you would like to be notified if/when we resume shipping to the USA then send us a message with “Please notify regarding shipping to USA” at the start.

Q: Can you send me some seeds to Australia?

A: No. I wish we could but there’s simply no point, they always get seized by customs and I lose valuable seeds.

Q: Can I use these seeds to make tea?

A: I wouldn’t recommend it – these seeds are intended for growing, many of them are quite expensive because they are very rare and take a huge amount of labor, land, nutrients and time to grow. They are then dried out in tightly controlled conditions, refrigerated for several weeks (sometimes months) before undergoing rigorous germination testing before final drying and packaging in airtight waterproof aluminised packaging. This is so that you will receive perfect seeds for easy growing – sticking them in hot water to drink seems like a waste of quality seeds to me.

Q: Can you tell me how much morphine is in this variety?

A: Lab testing and quantative evaluation to measure alkaloid levels in opium/poppy straw is very expensive, furthermore collecting opium from poppies is illegal in the UK without specific pharmaceutical licenses. We are only allowed to sell Papaver Somniferum (Opium Poppy) seeds for ornamental growing. In most cases, high morphine levels in a plant’s sap (opium / latex) will protect against pest attacks (insects/rodents etc) The Galania poppy – Izmir Afghan special GMO – has more than double the morphine of any other commercially available poppy.

Q: Is it legal to grow opium poppies in the UK?

A: Yes, It’s perfectly legal to grow opium poppies (Papaver Somniferum) in the UK, in fact, if you go to any RHS or National Trust gardens you will almost certainly find opium poppies growing in their flower displays. It is also legal to collect the seeds for cooking/baking but what is not legal is scoring the seed pods to collect the opium or otherwise consuming the plants in any way.  Similar laws apply in The USA, Canada and Europe but please check the laws in your own country before ordering. I am not a legal professional and this does not constitute legal advice. The seeds are the only part of the plant that don’t contain any alkaloids and are perfectly safe to eat.

Q: Can you sell me a kilo of Galania Seeds?

A: This is a question that we get asked all the time, the simple answer is NO and there are several reasons for this: – We probably grow more Galania poppies than anybody else in the country and we have never had a kilo of seeds in stock (and never will). Anybody who claims to have that many seeds for sale is lying, it’s as simple as that. Galania poppies produce the least amount of viable seed of all poppy varieties so it takes a lot of land to grow them. If anybody was growing enough plants to produce kilos of these particular seeds then they would soon be under investigation by the authorities. The next issue is cost – it takes more than 2000 Galania seeds to make up 1 gram in weight, meaning that they cost over £40 GBP per gram. Multiply that by 1 thousand to make a kilo and you’re looking at £40,000 GBP. Even with a massive bulk discount of 50% you’re looking at £20,000 GBP per kilo.

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