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“Afghan Blue Bush” Poppy


A brand new hybrid created by cross-pollinating the Izmir Bush poppy with the Afghan Blue.

OK, Now these are something really special! We have been breeding Izmir bush poppies for several years now and during that time we have also been experimenting with some brand new hybrids. The Izmir bush poppy is an incredible variety with the best disease tolerance and hardiness of all the somniferum strains, the downsides being that they never grow very high and the flowers and pods produced are pretty small.

So for this hybrid we hand pollinated the mother plant (Izmir Bush) with the pollen from pure-bred Afghan Blue plants – both types of plant were being grown separately in isolation. The seeds from this first cross-pollination were regrown (again in isolation) and the best pod from the best plant was selected to become the source of the new hybrid (Afghan Blue Bush Poppy). The seeds from this single pod were grown in 500 peat pellets and planted out at exactly the same time, resulting in the hundreds of stunning plants you can see in the photos above.

The result is an excellent combination of the best qualities of each parent plant – the hardiness, disease-tolerance and multiple-podded characteristics of the Izmir bush poppy are retained, but the genetics of the Afghan Blue parent have added striking deep purple colouring, larger flowers, larger pods and increased potency – which serves as an excellent natural defence against pest attacks to the mature plants.

Each plant typically has around 5-15 flowers/pods which is much higher than any of the standard afghan varieties.

This is a completely new strain, so you will be literally the first people in the world to grow it!

As with all Somniferum varieties; the seeds produced can also be used for cooking and are delicious, although it is advisable to wash them a few times in case any of the latex from the pods gets into the seeds, in short, if the seeds taste bitter then they need to be washed.

Once collected the seeds can then be refrigerated for 3-21 days and should be ready to sow again!

These poppies can grow in pretty much any type of soil but in order to maximise their potential they should be sown early in good quality, well drained soil, and fed regularly, they like a lot of nitrogen throughout the growing stages, we fed these pretty much every week, and also used Epsom Salts to enable them to maximise their use of the nutrients. We have developed our own nutrient mix over the years and if enough people ask for it then we’ll start packaging it up for sale to the public!

Seed Quantity

300 Seeds, 1000 Seeds, 2,000 Seeds, 10,000 Seeds


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