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A must-grow poppy for any serious grower, beautiful through all stages of its growth.

This is the PURE POPPIES™ version of what is commonly referred to as “Album”, a stunning white flower with deep purple central spots. The flowers and resulting pods can grow very large if they have sufficient light and nutrients, in fact they can grow much larger that what a lot of people call “Gigantium“!

These plants have been grown by us in the UK, however the original source of the seeds was actually Australia, as you may be aware, it is VERY difficult to get seeds from Australia due to strict customs regulations, so we started with a very small amount of seed. The good thing however, its that these plants produce a LOT of seeds per plant, meaning that after only a few growing cycles we have built up a large stock of seeds.

If you have bought our seeds before you will be aware of the quality, if not you will be pleasantly surprised!

Full growing instructions are included, seeds are stored in aluminium airtight packaging and will keep for a minimum of 3 years after purchase.

Seed Quantity

300 Seeds, 1000 Seeds, 2,000 Seeds, 10,000 Seeds


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