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The Genuine article. 100% pure-bred Izmir Afgan Special “Galania” seeds.


The Galania is a truly unique and remarkable variety, also called “Izmir Afgan Special” by the Izmir Oil & Spice Company in BC, Canada which is where this variety was originally sourced from. These seeds were harvested from the very beautiful flowers you can see in the pictures above.

Grown organically in the UK, the mother plants were cultivated in complete isolation from any other poppies and pollinated by hand to ensure truly pure-bred Galania seeds.

The pink & white Galania is widely recognised as the fastest flowering Papaver Somniferum variety in the world. Strangely enough they are not the quickest germinating seeds (they can take 5-14 days to germinate) and yet they will usually go from seed to flower in around 55-6o days which is incredible. In fact the fastest plant we had actually flowered in 53 days! The exact rate at which they grow is influenced by multitude of factors, principally light, temperature, humidity and nutrients available. Thinning and final spacing are also important factors in determaning both speed of growing, number of flowers/pods produced and overall size.

Each plant can produce between 1 and 10 flowers/pods, this year we had an average of 4 flowers per plant with the most successful specimen having 7. This is important to us as each pod produces far fewer seeds than the other somniferum varieties – this is the reason why these seeds are some of the most expensive.

The other truly remarkable but seldom-mentioned characteristic which is unique for a poppy is that these can often be successfully transplanted, this is very unusual as poppies usually hate being transplanted. We have had a 90% success rate transplanting Galania seedlings and young plants up to 4 weeks old. This must be done very gently with great care but is worth trying as long as it doesn’t disturb any surrounding plants. We will soon be uploading some how-to videos demonstrating the techniques we use for transplanting.

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