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Galania X Asian OB Hybrid


A brand new, 100% unique hybrid strain created by Pure Poppies. A cross between the Galania opium poppy (Izmir Afghan Special GMO) and the Izmir Asian OB. Very limited stocks. Minimum 200 seeds per packet. Read description below for full details.

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This is a 100% brand new hybrid strain created by Pure Poppies, be among the first people in the world to grow it!!

After the success of our Afghan Blue Bush poppy hybrid we decided to try another brand new hybrid – this time crossing the godfather of all opium poppies – the Galania (Izmir Afghan Special GMO) with the equally rare “Izmir Asian OB” variety.

The Galania is a really difficult poppy to cross due to its peculiar genetics and hybrids can have very inconsistent results. 

This is actually a 2nd/3rd generation cross as we grew a small batch of 20 plants with the seeds from a cross-pollinated Galania pod (Pod 1), then chose a single pod from that batch which had the best colouring and characteristics(Pod 2); that flower was then self-pollinated and kept in isolation until harvesting. The 300 plants that you can see in the photos above were all grown with the seeds from that single pod.

It was impossible to capture in the photos just how stunning this poppy is, the colouring of some of the petals was so vibrant that they almost looked neon! You will not be disappointed with this new strain.

As with all genuine Galania crosses you may find that you get a few flowers which strangely revert to the original “Afghan Special” colouring, it’s a really odd genetic quirk which is unique to this variety. If you are a professional grower or real enthusiast you will understand why this is the case.

Stocks of this hybrid are limited as we only grew a total of 300 plants; like the original Galania the pods have unusually thick walls and produce a relatively small number of seeds.

Minimum 200 seeds per packet.

Seed Quantity

200 Seeds


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