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Genuine Tasmanian


You will not find these anywhere else. The Genuine article. 100% Pure bred Tasmanian Pharmaceutical poppy seeds. Read below for the full description.


We finally have the elusive Genuine Tasmanian pharmaceutical poppy seeds.

We have been growing, breeding and selling specialist poppy seeds since 2015, and up to this point we have never sold anything claiming to be Tasmanian, and the reason for this is painfully simple; we’ve never been 100% sure (or even 90% sure) that the seeds we had procured for breeding were actually the real thing. Over the last seven years I have tried seeds  bought from otherwise reputable growers in the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe; and none of them turned out to be the genuine article.

When I first got into growing poppies back in 2015 there were two varieties that I really wanted to grow; the Galania (Izmir Afghan Special) and Tazzies (Tasmanian Pharmaceutical poppies). I was extremely lucky to get some of the original Izmir Galania seeds and have been breeding them ever since, but until last year I still wasn’t satisfied with any of the so-called ‘Tasmanian’ seeds that I’d bought.

Anyway, the great news is that I finally got hold of some! I can’t go into the specific details of how I procured the seeds but I am 100% certain that these are legitimate Tasmanians, and what’s more; a very recent breed.

These are exceptional poppies and you will not be disappointed with their results. Typically 1 to 3 flowers per plant, they can be grown quite close together (6″ -12″ / 15cm-30cm spacing) and they like a lot of nitrogen. Like most poppies, a well-draining soil/media is essential to get the best results.

Stocks will be very limited this season as these seeds were harvested from our very first crop. If we have a good crop this year then stocks should hopefully be higher in time for the autumn/fall season.  They have been grown both outside and under cover and the upmost care has been taken to prevent cross-pollination.

Seed Quantity

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