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Super Bush Poppy (Izmir Bush)


The hardiest and most disease-tolerant opium poppy out there, more flowers and pods per plant than any other strain. Lush blue-green foliage, see below for full details.

OK, so we have been breeding these for 4 years now and they are finally ready for release as a pure variety. The provenance of these seeds is the now-defunct Izmir Oil & Spice Company which was based in Canada. They have been protected from cross-pollination and remain pure. Through selective breeding over the last 4 years we have managed to increase the flower/pod size but maintain the exceptional hardiness and natural disease resistance. That’s why we’re calling these our “Super Bush Poppy”.

If you haven’t grown Izmir Bush poppies before, they are a must for any poppy lover;

Instead of growing tall and slender with only one or a few flowers/pods, the bush poppy stays short and, well, bushy! This affords them much better protection against the elements, particularly frost and wind. They also have probably the best natural disease resistance of all of the known Somniferum varieties. The best feature though, is the huge number of flowers/pods these poppies produce: the most we’ve had on a single plant was 37, and the average is usually around 15-20 – all from one tiny seed which is just incredible really! The earlier you start them and the more direct sunlight they get throughout the day, the more flowers/pods they will produce. In ideal conditions it is possible to get 70+ flowers/pods from a single plant but that would require no shade and lots of full light.

The flowers and pods of the bush poppy are usually pretty tiny, but through very selective breeding over 7 life-cycles we’ve got these to a good medium sized pod and a generous sized flower, the stamens are quite spectacular and are perfect for pollinators.

As you can see in the photos, these poppies thrive indoors; we’ve grown them several times in pots near windows and also under lights. They make for truly stunning and unique houseplants. 

They will even grow quite well in a shaded courtyard as you can see in one of the photos above.

Full growing instructions are included, seeds are stored in aluminium airtight packaging and will keep for a minimum of 3 years after purchase.

Seed Quantity

300 Seeds, 1000 Seeds, 2,000 Seeds, 10,000 Seeds


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