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Turkish White


Pure bred Turkish white opium poppy seed. Incredibly fast germinating and fast flowering strain with stunning white flowers, attractive oval pods and lush green foliage. Produce delicious sweet seeds, perfect for baking and exotic dishes.


Turkish Whites Opium Poppy

Like the BFGs (see other listing) these seeds came all the way from Turkey, they are a very high quality white poppy seed with the absolute fastest germination times we have ever seen, in fact we are just finishing recording a time-lapse video where we sowed 20 different varieties of Papaver Somniferum seeds in a sort of ‘germination race’. These seeds were the clear winner and also had a very impressive germination rate. We will upload the video as soon as it is completed.

The flowers are pure white, In the centre are large seed pods and spectacular stamens; even before the petals fall off, the pods start growing really big and end up massive, if you cut the pods off just after they flower, you may get more flowers about 3-4 weeks later. If you leave the pods to develop and dry out on the plant you will never have to buy these seeds again as they produce thousands and thousands of seeds.

If they are happy (plenty of light, good soil) each plant will produce a LOT of flowers/pods, the average number of flowers per plant we saw last season was 4-5 per plant, with the best plant having 12!

These Turkish Whites can also be successfully be grown indoors, and they make for beautiful and unique houseplants.

The white seeds produced can also be used for cooking and are delicious, although it is advisable to wash them a few times in case any of the latex from the pods gets into the seeds, in short, if the seeds taste bitter then they need to be washed.

Once collected the seeds can then be refrigerated for 3-21 days and should be ready to sow again!

These poppies are a large variety, with large flowers, foliage and seed pods, if you want them to grow really big, you have to treat them as you would, say, a prize marrow or pumpkin! In order to maximise their potential they should be sown early in good quality, well drained soil, and fed regularly, they like a lot of nitrogen throughout the growing stages, we fed these pretty much every week, and also used Epsom Salts to enable them to maximise their use of the nutrients. They also like a lot of sun. It’s best to position them somewhere that will get the longest amount of full sun throughout the day, preferably facing south. They also need plenty of space, at least 1 foot (30cm) between plants, but at least twice that if you want them to grow really big! The soil must be well disturbed and ideally have at least 50% compost added and some perlite, they can also be grown very well in pure compost or a potting mix.

These have been grown organically by us in the UK (Suffolk) under controlled conditions in order to prevent cross-pollination.

Seed Quantity

300 Seeds, 1000 Seeds, 2,000 Seeds, 10,000 Seeds


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